Covid Procedures

Covid Procedures

Staff, Parent and Family Handbook for returning after Covid – 19. Information regarding safe working practices, what to expect from Sunshine Nursery Ltd and how working together can support government guidelines.
Sunshine Nursery will be adopting legislation and guidance provided by the Scottish Government and HSE (Health and Safety Executive) to prevent the spread of Covid – 19. This handbook aims to highlight safe working practices that the team will adopt to ensure the safety of all families using the setting during the phased return to work. If you have any further queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Linda McGregor – Owner

Faye McGregor – Manager

Kay Sims – Manager


In these exceptional circumstances we must all comply with the latest Scottish Government Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19).
We are hoping for a full re-opening of the nursery in August, which would be Scenario A but have also planned a Scenario B which would involve children allocated to a bubble to ensure distancing between identified groups. In both scenarios we will implement enhanced hygiene practices.

Attendance for children and team members.

Children and team members who are not displaying coronavirus symptoms are welcome to attend the nursery. Anyone who has experienced coronavirus symptoms must have completed the required isolation period and be symptom free, not be living with someone who is displaying the symptoms or achieve a negative test result before returning to the nursery. If a member of a household is unwell or isolating, all members of the household must isolate for the required period. Team members and parents are strongly advised to use the Government’s Coronavirus Tracing App to help protect our community.

Dropping and collecting your child/children.

Whether we are working with scenario A or B, to minimise traffic around the nursery, parents are asked to respect each other and to be aware of each other when trying to minimise contact with others. A video will be filmed and sent to everyone showing the correct procedure to drop off and collect your child safely from each classroom entrance. Unfortunately, parents and other professionals will not be able to enter the nursery and we will continue to follow these rules until we are given further guidance. Parents waiting to drop off and collect are always asked to maintain social distancing by standing at least 2 meters apart. We will have hand santanisers located around the nursery to use before opening the gates to access the nursery. We continue to ask everyone to remember to close gates after entering as the safety of the children is paramount to us at Sunshine Nursery. An identified team member will be responsible for arranging handovers with parents. To adhere to the guidelines, we will ask parents to drop off children at the door and they will not be able to enter the nursery building until we have been given further guidance. When dropping off your child, a team member will sign your child in. They will also ask a series of questions regarding your family and own bubbles at home. The questions you will be asked are:

  1. Has any one shown any symptoms of Covid 19?
  2. Have you had any contact with anyone showing symptoms?
  3. Has your child had any medication within the last 24 hours to reduce a fever? If you answer yes to any of these questions your child will not be permitted to attend the setting until advised by the manager. We will also have to ask for a list of family and friends in your own bubble. This information will be used to track and trace in the event of any confirmed Covid-19 case. These steps are being taken to ensure the safety of all families and children who use the service.

We will ask all parents to leave promptly and only key information will be shared at handover. This is to support our systems for all drop offs. We understand that you may have concerns about how your child is coping with returning. We encourage you all to call or email throughout the day. However, we do ask for your patience as we suspect that families will be eager to hear how their children are settling in. A member of the team will get back in touch with you if we miss your call.

Transitions to settling children back to Sunshine

We will be allocating all the children transition visits over the first week back from Monday 3rd August to Friday 7th. An email will be sent confirming your days/times along with an ‘All about me’ booklet from the staff to show to your child. These visits will be in small groups to allow children and staff to familiarise themselves with being back in the nursery routine and to meet the staff. For most of the children they will be in a new room and will meet new faces. We have tried to move some of the staff about so we can keep some familiar faces that they may recognise from before we had to close. These visits will include a 1hr visit where drop off will be in the garden and once all parents have left, we will take the children inside to see their classroom. A second visit for 2hrs which will include a snack and then finally a third visit over a mealtime. During these visits, we would like to ask you to provide a bag with all of their belongings including, suncream, hat, puddlesuit, slippers, wellies and a change of clothes. These must be clearly labelled and will be kept at Sunshine Nursery. If a change of clothes is needed, we will hand you a nappy sack of dirty clothes and would ask you to bring in a new set the next day. For any children that require bottles of milk, sterlised bottles with premade milk can be handed in daily. These all must be clearly marked with the child’s name.

Temperature Checking

Routine temperature testing is not advised as it is not a reliable method for identifying coronavirus, particularly in children. We ask parents and team members to follow the national advice on the kind of symptoms to look out for that might be due to coronavirus:
• A new continuous cough and/or
• A high temperature If your child is unwell for any reason, please avoid taking them child to nursery.

Travel to nursery

Wherever possible team members and families should travel to the nursery alone, using their own transport or by foot or bicycle. If it is necessary to share transport, journeys should be taken with the same individuals with the minimum number of people at one time. If public transport is necessary, current guidance on the use of public transport must be followed. Face coverings are advised on public transport to help protect others.

Room Movement

Wherever possible children and teams should remain within their rooms and will not be mixing with other classrooms. Merging rooms during the day should be avoided. Team members covering across different rooms should be avoided wherever possible. Our aim is to encourage as much outdoor play as possible and to explore the wider communities’ outdoor spaces.

Hygiene & Safety

Good hygiene and cleaning practices significantly reduce the spread and transmission of the coronavirus. Enhanced hygiene and cleaning practices will be implemented, rigorously followed, and validated.


An enhanced cleaning schedule will be implemented. Communal areas, toilets, touch points, shared resources and hand washing facilities must be cleaned and sanitised regularly. A manager will be responsible for validating and recording cleaning schedules.
Hand washing
The rate of handwashing will be significantly increased. All staff members will wash their hands with soap and water upon each arrival to the nursery and children will be helped and encouraged to do the same when entering the nursery. Adequate supplies of soap and paper towels will be provided at identified handwashing stations. Hand sanitizer should only be used in areas where hand washing facilities with soap, water and paper towels cannot be provided. Hand sanitizer is not required after hand washing with soap and water. A hand sanitizer station will be provided for visitors to use.


We will be asking all staff that uniforms worn at nursery should be washed daily, ideally after each use. Washing uniforms with detergent in a normal wash is effective at reducing the risk of transmission. If a team member has come into contact with a person presenting coronavirus symptoms, the uniform should be washed at a higher temperature for longer.

Nursery Laundry

Nursery laundry will be washed at the highest temperature as the manufacturing label identifies it can take after every use. Laundry will not be placed on the floor and all areas laundry has come into contact with prior to washing will be sanitised.

Risk Assessment

The risk of transmission of COVID-19 should be added to all new nursery risk assessments until restrictions are lifted. If a planned activity or action could increase the risk of transmission, the activity will be avoided until further advice.


Play equipment in communal areas (e.g. outdoor) will be sanitized between groups. Soft furnishings and resources with intricate parts that are difficult to clean will be removed from the classrooms. Sand and water will be permitted but regularly cleaned.

Items brought from home

Items from home should be discouraged in the nursery. Comforters and dummies are permissible if not having them would cause a child distress. If you have spare comforters or dummies that could be left at nursery, these could be left in their tray to access and will be cleaned by Sunshine.

Nursery views and tours

Prospective parent viewings and tours will try to be accommodated and where practical, during out of hours or in empty spaces; or conducted via a ‘Virtual Tour’ on a secure mobile device or iPad and interaction between prospective parents and key persons will be encouraged.

Responding to a person displaying symptoms of COVID-19

In the event of a child developing suspected coronavirus symptoms whilst attending the nursery, they should be collected as soon as possible and isolate at home in line with the NHS guidance.
Whilst waiting for a parent/carer to collect the child, the suspected child will be isolated from others in a previously identified room or area. If possible, a window should be opened for ventilation. A team member will stay with that child until they are picked up. PPE will be worn. In the event of a team member developing coronavirus symptoms whilst attending nursery, they should leave the nursery as soon as possible and isolate at home in line with NHS guidance. Targeted and enhanced cleaning should then take place in the areas of the nursery the team member had been in. Positive tests will be reported to the nursery manager and action will be taken.


Government guidance is that PPE is not required for general use in nurseries to protect against COVID 19 transmission. Changing habits, cleaning and hygiene are the most effective measures in controlling the spread of the virus. Gloves and aprons should continue to be worn as normal for nappy changing and the administration of first aid. Appropriate PPE should however be made available in a small number of cases to operate safely.

Thank You for all support

We understand that this is a lot of new information to take in, and we are working closely with all the appropriate agencies to ensure safe working practices. This means that policy and practices can change within a small-time frame. As these change we will contact all our families to ensure that you are receiving the correct information to allow you to feel safe and secure whilst using Sunshine Nursery Ltd. Thank you for taking the time to work with us in keeping all our families safe during these difficult times, and for supporting us in reopening. This is all new to us all and hopefully we will all have a smooth transition back to nursery.