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The most important ingredient in providing top class quality childcare is the staff. We have a commitment to staff development and training. We ensure that all staff are suitably qualified for their duties and encourage and support additional qualifications. Our aim is to support each child through his or her own development. With increasing demands being made on child care facilities we want for all our children the best learning experience right from the very beginning.
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  • For all ages!

    We are delighted to provide childcare from birth. Each room is set up to provide a great environment for the children to grow.

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    From ages 0-2 we provide a warm homely atmosphere, providing a sense of security and ensuring the children are happy and relaxed.

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    From ages 2-3 children are encouraged to actively explore and, in doing so, their skills are developed

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    From ages 3-4 the Bumblebee room prepares children for future learning by supporting, fostering and promoting their development.

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    From ages 4-5 we encourage children to become independent and offer a range of activities that interest them individually.

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    From ages 5+ we offer a before school and after school service. We also cater for children during the holidays, including ad-hoc in-service days.

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