The most important ingredient in providing high quality childcare is the staff. We have a commitment to staff development and training. We ensure that all staff are suitably qualified for their duties and encourage and support additional qualifications.
All our managers have had years of practical experiences working in the classroom and working in a team and have the made the natural progression into management of the nursery.
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Sunshine Nursery and after school club aspires to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive learning community where all children are inspired to achieve their full potential. We believe passionately that each child, with differing needs and interests, should be loved and supported as they grow. We know that children will thrive best in their learning if they feel emotionally secure, so we work very hard to promote warm friendships with staff and other children and to offer plenty of creative opportunities to learn through play.
Show commitment to Curriculum for excellence, encourage and consider the four capacities in order to provide high quality learning experiences.
Show commitment to the pre birth to three document and realising the ambition through the four areas of respect, relationships, responsive care and rights of the child.
Create a welcoming, happy, caring environment. At Sunshine Nursery Ltd the managers are available to discuss any matters relating to the nursery on a formal and informal basis. We hope that you have no cause to complain about the service we provide, however you wish to make a complaints ( see our Complaints procedure ) and you are not satisfied with our investigation, you are able to make a complaint to the care inspectorate in line with their complaints procedure.
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Principles that drive our business

Our Values


Respect for ones self, others and the world around us.


We encourage children to become confident learners, playing on strengths to achieve their full potential.


Children, staff team, parents, professionals, and community.


Promote independence, taking responsibility of their learning journey


We promote a caring attitude, empathy, positive relationships, friendships and good manners.