Good nutrition is the building block of a healthy, happy child. A well-balanced diet of fruit and vegetables will be provided to encourage good healthy eating habits; this food pattern is essential in the early years. The menu is displayed in the baby room and in the main nursery in the cloakroom.
Laura Court has made up the menus for the nursery she monitors and reviews the menus considering current national guidelines from the Care Inspectorate, Setting the table and Better eating and Better living.
We have seasonal menu’s that have a four-week plan in each of the Spring, Summer Autumn and Winter menus. We serve some Quorn product and fresh fish and seasonal vegetables. The menu is healthy and has a balance of main nutrients and ingredients that is essential for growth and development.

Our dietitian

Laura Court works part-time in the NHS as a Paediatric Dietitian at The Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital and as a Private Dietitian at ROC Private Clinic in Westhill. Laura is passionate about all things health and fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle from an early age. She is a qualified Fitness Instructor and enjoys keeping fit particularly outdoors. Laura is a member of the British Dietetic Association and is registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC).
Laura has been working in dietetics since 2008 after graduating from The Robert Gordon University with a 2:1 in Nutrition & Dietetics. She later studied Diet and Type 2 Diabetes as part of a master's module from The University of Nottingham. Prior to that she worked in the health and fitness industry for 4 years.
For Laura, Health & Fitness are not just a career choice, but also a lifestyle - she shares her experiences relating to diet and exercise on a Facebook blog (Dietaryfit).
Outside work, Laura has keeps busy with her baby son and has recently enjoyed the adventure of weaning! We can also cater for all dietary requirements and any particular allergies – and we’ll discuss them with you during your child’s settling in visits.

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