The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly room, age 2-3 years is light and bright and the play equipment is set out attractively to encourage exploration. This room is registered for seventeen two year olds. A quiet area is provided with comfortable sleep mats for the children to have a sleep after lunch. For children who do not have a sleep, we organise a range of quiet activities. Children are encouraged to actively explore and, in doing so, their skills are developed. The children have lots of opportunities for play both indoors and out. Texture is explored through 'messy play' and tactile sensory play. Sound is experienced through music and the use of our voices. We encourage the children to focus on encountering new challenges and experiences to fire the imagination. The Butterflies work to the recommendations outlined in the ‘Birth to Three’ document. This document identifies four 'Aspects' that promote the skills of the young learner. It highlights the interrelationship between growth, learning and the environment in which they are cared for and educated. The four 'Aspects' are Relationships, Respect, Responsive Care and the rights of the Child and Responsive Care.

The Butterfly Team

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Pamela Rendall

Trainee Practitioner

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Claire Glennie

Support Worker

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Faye McGregor


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Lucy Gray

Support Worker

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Michaela Toland

Lead Practitioner

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    We are delighted to provide childcare from birth. Each room is set up to provide a great environment for the children to grow.

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    From ages 2-3 children are encouraged to actively explore and, in doing so, their skills are developed

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