The Dragonfly Room

After School Club is is registered for 20 children. We offer a before school and an after school service. We also have a holiday programme, which caters for children during the holidays, including ad-hoc in-service days. The two schemes operate separately and you can choose whatever suits your needs. The club can provide breakfast on request, this is an additional cost. The children have snack in the afternoon this includes a portion of fruit with their snack.

Operating Times

Term time 7-9am - 3.15-6pm

The Staff

Two staff operate the ASC Pamela Rendall and Louise Blanche.

Holiday Programme Holidays, In-service and occasional school holidays are from 8-6pm. Lunch and snacks are not included. All vehicles are suitably insured for the transportation of the children. Risk Assessment is part of the club's daily routine. We have built up a wide variety of places to visit here is a sample is below. Tubing, Cinema, Bowling, Local walks - a wide variety to visit, Benachie Center, Swimming - various venues, Haughton Park, Banchory park, Crazy golf, Crathes and local Castle, Soft Bear Centre, Hoodles Hazelhead Park,Ballater Games, Forestry Commission Rangers Activities, Coastal Rangers, Stonehaven Outdoor pool, Alford Transport Museum. Before lunch we go outside to the garden or go outdoors for our walks. We do try to get out every day, both morning and afternoon. Staff join in with outdoor activities. They encourage those children able to use their gross motor skills, on large apparatus such as the trampoline, swing, chute and bikes.

Collection In the morning the children are taken across to Torphins Primary School and dropped off safely. The children are collected from the inside of Torphins Primary School at the times of 3.15pm

The Dragonfly Team

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Lauren Laird

Support Worker

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    We are delighted to provide childcare from birth. Each room is set up to provide a great environment for the children to grow.

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